Starnes Bar-B-Q Sauce

This is the claim to fame for southern town Paducah, KY. Travelers from all around love to eat at the green cement building of Starnes Bar-B-Q. This vinegar based sauce has the right amount of spices for any taste. Its flavor is packed with the right stuff. One of our personal favorites since 1988.

On July 11, 2013 Sam Champion of Good Morning America shared his love for Starnes BBQ in front of a national audience. Now many more know what we already knew, this stuff is GOOD!!

Enjoy on chicken, pork, or turkey sandwiches.

Our customer Tim from St. Louis adds this:

"Starnes sauce is great on eggs, tuna sandwiches, ham, and just about anything else you can think of. I put it in soups too. May I suggest you consider updating your language to make it more clear that starnes is not a smokey bbq sauce, but instead is an all purpose non-cayenne peppery seasoning sauce, which plays very well with bbq and everything else you can think of."

Thanks Tim, we love the feedback, keep it coming!

Let us know how you eat your Starnes by e-mailing us at You might end up like Tim helping us promote this incredible sauce.